Cat Vaccinations

At Pennington, NJ’s Cats Only Veterinary Hospital, our cat vaccination programs are made to give your cherished cats complete safety. Discover the advantages of our cat vaccination clinic and when it’s most important to bring your cat in for shots.

Entire Cat Vaccinations Program

At Cats Only Veterinary Hospital, we offer a comprehensive choice of immunizations vital to your cat’s health. Our skilled veterinary specialists put your feline friend’s health and safety first while administering these vaccinations. Among the crucial services we provide are:

  • Essential Immunizations: With our necessary vaccinations, you can shield your cat from common and serious illnesses. All cats, regardless of lifestyle, require these vaccinations.

  • Non-Core Vaccines: Personalized to your cat’s unique requirements and surroundings, non-core vaccinations offer extra defense depending on personal risk factors.
  • Regular Wellness Exams: Vaccinations should be combined with routine examinations to guarantee your cat’s health and well-being. During these visits, our veterinarians will evaluate the general health of your cat.

a cat standing on a stone surface

The advantages of our cat vaccination programs

There are several reasons to choose Cats Only Veterinary Hospital for your cat’s immunization needs, all of which put your cat’s health and well-being first:


Our knowledgeable veterinary staff has given immunizations for many years so that we can guarantee the highest level of care and accuracy.

Customized Immunization Programs

We design individualized vaccination schedules for cats depending on their age, lifestyle, and medical history to ensure they get the required defense.

Stress-Free Environment

Your cat will experience less worry throughout the vaccination procedure thanks to the tranquil and comforting surroundings offered by Cats Only Veterinary Hospital.

When to Take Your Cat to Get Vaccinated

Your cat’s long-term health needs to know when to bring them in for their immunizations. Adhere to these broad recommendations:

  • Kitten Vaccinations: Vaccinations should begin early. Typically, kittens are vaccinated for the first time between the ages of 6 and 8 weeks and then again in the following months.

  • Adult Cats: As your cat gets older, continue with routine vaccines. Observe the advice of your veterinarian regarding any updates and booster shots that are required depending on your cat’s lifestyle.
  • Outdoor Cats: Cats who spend a lot of time outside might require extra vaccines to guard against certain illnesses.